Shooting in Squamish

So I went shooting today. Picked up some clay pigeons from Canadian Tire, 4x4'd off a logging road in Squamish, and blew some stuff up. I went with a couple of my classmates Grant and Aaron. It would have been a normal occasion had I not accidently called the RCMP. You see, my phone was in my pocket and I had it locked so it can't call anyone - anyone but the cops that is. Aaron and I just finished shooting up a 19L jug of water when I heard this women's voice yelling, "Hello! Hello!" from my pocket. I think to myself, oops, my pocket has called someone again. I pick up the phone and say hi. The lady explains she is from the RCMP and is wondering what the emergency is. I apologetically explain that it was my pocket that called and that it was an accident. She explains that she needs to send a car to make sure everything's alright and asks were we are. I tell her we are in the middle of the woods hiking and that we are alright. She agrees that that's fine and lets me go. I then turned my phone off and pulled out the battery so they couldn't track me through gps.

I can't help but wonder what she's thinking. An emergency call is placed and there is gunfire in the background with no response for about a minute. Oh well, no harm done. It was a fun day. See a couple of pictures taken from the guilty cell phone below.


Vincent said...

well done buddy.


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