Brylee Drew Wight

There have been a lot of amazing things happening in my life lately but this post is devoted to the best one of all.  My newest daughter, Brylee Drew, was born Tuesday April 27 at 5:45am.

Janelle was given the due date of May 1 but for the four days previous to Brylee's arrival, Janelle had been having a lot of contractions on and off.  Sunday night was looking quite likely as they started to become quite regular.  She called me and told me to come home, I was at the school studying for a final exam the next morning.  I came home and for the next few hours the contractions continued and then all of a sudden they stopped.  I was bagged, and due to the lack of sleep and loss of study time I was in no shape to right a final exam Monday morning.  Luckily my prof was very understanding and he let me post-pone my writing until Thursday.

On Monday Janelle felt no movement from the baby all day which was quite unusual for Brylee who liked to kick a lot.  She called the midwife at about 4pm and she was told to head to the hospital for an assessment.  It turned out everything was fine which was a major relief.  We explained to the midwife that we would really like her to induce labor.  This typically would never happen before a due date unless there was some medical reason but Janelle's family is known for quick labors and Kaylen was pretty fast and there was some concern about having a baby in the car.  There was also the issue of final exams; I already had one postponed, and I really didn't want to postpone any more, not to mention all the study time I had been missing.  To shorten the story they decided to break Janelle's water at about 10:30pm Monday night and then we were to wait.  By 2 nothing had happened so they gave Janelle Oxytocin and at 3:15am she started having contractions.  They woke me up from off the floor at 3:45 as things were getting going.  And at 5:45 Brylee came out.  2.5 hour labor with only 4 minutes of pushing, not bad.

Brylee was 7lb 10oz, blue eyes, brown hair, 20in long and healthy.

She is the most adorable little baby, I realize I'm biased but she is really cute and we are all really excited to have her.

The labor went great and both Brylee and Janelle were able to come home from the hospital that afternoon which was a good sign.

Me with Brylee a few minutes after she was born

Kaylen loving being a big sister

Our newest family photo

On her way out of the hospital

It didn't Janelle long to start putting bows in her hair

Our cute little girl

Happy mommy with her baby

Eyes wide open


Winstonian said...

Congraduations Janelle for the safe delievery, and Andrew for being the father of two!!! Glad to hear you guys are doing amazing.

Corrina Baker said...

Congratulations guys! Leif and I are so happy for you all! Welcome Brylee

Vincent said...

Great post! The family photos are really nice!

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