5km Pre Race

Today is the UBCTC's 5km race. I'm a little bummed that we don't get to do it at the track. Not only does this mean I will be missing out on the elevation advantage (flat track), but perhaps more importantly, I will be losing an oh so important timing advantage. Being able to check my pace every 400m (or even 200m if I really wanted to) is quite helpful, especially later on in the final 2km when my legs are starting to get tired. Last year I set a new 5km personal best with a time of 19:13. I am planning on beating that today by at least 14 seconds; that's right - I'm planning on sub-19. This is all part of my goal to go sub-39 at the Sun Run in Vancouver.

There hasn't been a whole lot of talk for this event, unlike the mile race we had last weekend: example 1, example 2. Maybe it's nerves, or maybe people are beginning to recognize their place in the standings. I'm thinking today will shake some things up. With Winston Guo only 3 points behind Nathaniel Flipper Janzen in the race for second place there is a lot at stake. Flipper hasn't been known as being an exceptionally fast runner, but after strong showings at the uphill race, and the mile run, eyes will be on him to see if he can prove himself today by going the distance. Vincent Lavallee, I don't believe, has yet had the chance to stand at the top of the figurative podium and reign over any of the Fall Classic events. Vince is a strong runner, as shown with his sub 1:24 half marathon time earlier this month. Maybe he's not the quickest sprinter, but he is one of the favorites for the longer distance events. His main competitor will be Barry Claman, who may not be human. Test results for alien origins are pending, which were ordered following an impressive sub-5min mile last week.

I'm looking forward to testing out my new racing flats as shown below. I tried them out last week at the mile but I haven't yet had the chance to see how my feet will feel in them over longer distances. Anyway, good luck to all my friends racing tonight. I hope you all do well, I just hope I do better. Is that bad?


Jacqui and Stuart Avery said...

Good Luck!

Winstonian said...

Congrats on your new pb.

Perhaps not at the the run today, but you'll find 'lunch meat' at the swim test set.

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