Catching up

I figured it was about time to update my blog.  Special thanks to those of you for giving me a hard time for not doing anything for about 6 weeks.

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope that you've taken some time to reflect upon your life and decide what kind of new changes or commitments you plan on making this year.  I'm a very goal oriented person and enjoy the cliche New Year's resolutions.

One thing that I will be doing new this year is keeping a training log.  I've never really kept track of the miles I put in and I think it will be fun to see what I accomplished at the end of this year.  I might even add it to my blog so any of you can follow along with me if you want.

Recently I purchased a bike trainer.  It's a Cycle Ops SuperMagneto Pro.  I've never used a trainer before and so far, two rides in, I absolutely love it.  It's so hot, and I pour sweat like I never have before, but the workout is so good.  It came with a DVD called "Race Day" which puts you in the middle of a National Championship Criterium and you try to match the intensity and power of the pro whose got the camera mounted to his handlebars.  I, needless to say, am not currently able to keep up to this guy.  It's intense, so intense in fact, that when my daughter came in to watch me spin and she saw the look on my face she started to cry - I looked so scary.  I most likely will not do that DVD too frequently, my second ride I watched "Billy Madison" instead which was slightly more enjoyable.  Anyway, I think my bike skills will improve a lot this year.  See my sweet sweat machine below.

I'll try to be a little more diligent in updating this thing more often.  There are a lot of great things coming up soon - Ultrasound results for our current fetus, my San Francisco trip, and my job hunting, so stay tuned.


Vincent said...

In your daughter's defense, I often cry at the sight of you as well.


if you want some trainer workouts I'm sure I can find some for you

awight said...

Bring 'em.

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