It's a girl!

Today we went to do a 3D ultrasound.  In our previous ultrasound the technician didn't get a very good look at the gender and said she was about 60% sure it was a girl.  That was not good enough for us so we went for a private ultrasound, done in 3D to find out.

About 30 seconds in we got a very clear shot and there is no doubt that our next child will be a girl.  Janelle and I are very excited.  We already have a ton of girl's clothes from Kaylen so there's a financial benefit there.  Plus girls are really cute, too cute in fact.  That reminds me, I need to get my hunting licence.

Now we need to decide on a name.  We had a few boy's names that we both really liked but we can't seem to agree on any girl's names.  Feel free to comment with some suggestions.

I've included some photos from our ultrasound for your viewing pleasure.

I love the big yawn on this last one.


Vincent said...

I vote Peanut!


Shannon & Jared said...


Corrina Baker said...

hmmmmmmmm.......hunting license? now now lets just relax there turbo.

Girls names........I like one else seems to though. Hey, do you want to go to a collective soul concert with leif? i'm not a big fan.

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