United Airlines...They Suck

Last week we were considering our options of how we were going to transport our model building to San Francisco.  We could send it through UPS or Fed-Ex or attempt to check it is over-sized luggage.  The box we built to transport the building is about 66"x22"x22" and weighs approximately 50lbs.  I called Fed-Ex to see what they would charge to take it to San Francisco - $190 for ground shipping.  Our preference was to take it onto the plane with us so that we would know when it would arrive since if it's late we would get disqualified.  I called United Airlines to see if we could check our box.  I gave the lady on the phone the dimensions, she added them up 66+22+22=110".  She said that their restrictions are that the total linear dimensions needed to be under 115" which we satisfied and that we should have no problem.  Great!  We decided to follow that option since the cost was better, only $175, and we wouldn't be worrying about when it would arrive.

On Saturday I get a call from one of my team mates and he says we're screwed.  I'm like, what's the dealio?  He says, "we can't check our box!"  Apparently in addition to the maximum total linear dimension of 115", they also have a policy that no side can be longer than 62".  It's now too late to do ground shipping through UPS or Fed-Ex so the other option is to send it express at a cost of $1100.  I'm pretty steamed.  I called United to see if they would make an exception since it was one of their employees that failed to inform me of this restriction and because of her error I potentially need to pay an extra $900 to get my box there in time?!  They would not budge but suggested I call their cargo department and send it as air cargo.

I decided to call the cargo department and was put on hold for 42minutes and 16seconds.  What the heck is taking so long?  Finally I get to talk to someone.  He asks me for my account number and I say I don't have one and he informs me that they don't deal with non-registered shippers since 9-11.  Thanks a lot customer service for wasting my time with a pointless phone call which nearly wasted an hour of my life.

I call customer service back.  I speak with a supervisor.  He begins to tell me that I should have looked into their restrictions earlier and that he is not responsible for what some employee might have told me.  Talk about service.  Apparently the reason they couldn't make any exceptions for us is that the cargo area simply can't fit items longer than 62" - that's what he tells me anyway.  I call his bluff - how about skis? - I ask.  To make a long story less long - he failed to help me in any way - he wouldn't even apologize.  So I yelled at him and vowed that I would never fly United Airlines again.  Did that accomplish anything?  No.  Did it make me feel better?  Yes.

So two of my team mates cancelled their flights and are driving the box down instead.  It's all being taken care of, just a nuisance that could have completely been avoided if United Airlines didn't suck so much.

It feels good to rant.

Anyway, this is an old song and you have probably heard it already but it's speaking true to me right now so if you've got some time feel free to check it out.


Vincent said...

that song is awesome! So fitting

Sorry to hear about the shitty start to your trip, But hope you have a great time and good luck with the contest and the Alcatraz swim. Make sure to take photos!

Winstonian said...

ekk that blows, hope things get better in San Fran and I'll be looking forward to hear back from you on wednesday!

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