My New Ride

I think I may have suckered a few of you in by my title thinking that perhaps my new TT bike would be making its blogging debut. I'm afraid I have mislead you, details on that will be soon to follow. The new ride I am referring to here happens to be my 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan just purchased shown below.

Yes, I have entered the minivan realm. The practicality wins over the need to hang on to the last bit of coolness that I like to think I possessed. All that has been thrown to the wind and replaced with full stow n' go seats. Lots of room for cargo and road trips are going to be much more comfortable now.

In other news, I'm getting close to getting my new bike. It should be built up this week and shipped out so news for that to come soon.


Julianne said...

Sweet ride :)

Winstonian said...

Ah man, totally thought the bike has arrived. =P

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